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We are online video experts
We understand online video. From CODECs and formats, to video encoding, to content delivery, to asset management, distribution, super-distribution, and monetization - each member of our team has worked with one or more of these pieces for at least half a decade.

Combined, we claim a very high level of domain expertise in the online video space. And that's very important to each of our publishers, because they need a service that helps them deliver high quality video. With no hassles.
We believe in providing value
The online video space is a rapidly growing one, and we believe that to capitalize on this opportunity, vendors like ourselves need to find a way to offer the highest quality product, at the lowest possible price.

With a unique pricing model that separates fixed from elastic costs, Marcellus offers a pay-as-you-go service that remains one of the lowest priced offerings in the market. Our business mantra is extremely simple: provide clear and tangible value.
What differentiates us
  • Free thought . We spend more time worrying about what our customers need, than what our competitors build.
  • Honesty. Being brutally honest about causes makes us more sensitive to the effects, and that's how we stay sharp.
  • Service. We have a responsive, available and enthusiastic support team. We try and respond to all queries within an hour or two, at most. And you'll always receive candid responses.
  • Simplicity. Our service is simple, and very easy to use. You don't need any training to learn how to use it. You will love our clean interface, and intuitive navigation.
  • Flexibility. We do try to be something to everyone of our customers. That's what drives our product strategy, and that's what keeps us going.
  • Affordability. We are among the most affordable video platforms in the market. To date, we haven't found a comparative service with pricing that matches ours in terms of value.
  • The little things. High quality video. 99.9% uptime for your content. The ability to handle any number of viewers, at any instant, with no intervention.
    These are just some of the the little things that set us apart.

Meet our executive team
Preetam Mukherjee
Preetam Mukherjee is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer at Marcellus.

Prior to starting at Marcellus in 2006, Preetam worked at the University of California, Berkeley, as a researcher (Garage Cinema), and as a digital media architect (the Center for New Media).
Riff Khan
Riff Khan is a co-founder at Marcellus.

Riff owns the product strategy at Marcellus, and works on usability, interaction design and feature roadmap.
Previously, Riff worked as a product manager at a streaming media startup, before moving on to the University of California, Berkeley, as an information systems' analyst.

Our advisor
Shomit Ghose
Shomit Ghose is a partner at ONSET ventures, focusing on software, networking and infrastructure companies.

Prior to Onset, Shomit guided Tumbleweed Communications and Broadvision, Inc. to successful IPOs. Shomit is a strategic advisor to Marcellus.
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From an Enterprise platform to a SaaS platform...

10 lessons we picked up along the way:

Software as a Service is really Software (made available) as a Service.
It's NOT Software (sold) as a Service

Multi-tenancy is not just a database architecture.

Yes, you should release early and iterate often. But don't release too early: always know what your minimally viable product will be.

Big learning: the customer isn't always right. But that means you have to listen all the more carefully, because when the customer is right, it's usually pearls they're throwing at you.

Unless you have a truly patentable idea, don't bother trying to find or craft your competitive advantage. For most people, competitive advantage is developed over a period of time, not ingrained.

Upsell, but don't oversell.
Convincing a customer that they NEED a higher priced edition of your service might be a plus point for your sales team, but that might be a minus point for your company when the same customer finds their NEEDS are being met elsewhere at a lower price point.

Be efficient with your time. Not every company needs a Facebook fan page or a Twitter account. It's good to experiment, but it's a terrible waste of your time to be Tweeting if you don't really need to be Tweeting.

It does not take a million dollars to build a profitable SaaS business. So, forget about making those 10 Powerpoint slides for the VCs, and focus on that 5 page web site for Joe the Plumber.

Avoid assuming that "this would be a good problem to have". It's usually the worst possible problem to have, and it usually happens at the worst possible time. At the very least, plan for it.

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